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I think you can say I was born with my love of photography. Ever since I was a kid I had a camera in my hand. I started taking photos on my dad’s Canon film camera, a camera that I still shoot with today. 

My love for photography has grown over the years, to include both landscape and cityscape photography. I love exploring the province and city that I live in. There is a ton of beauty in Manitoba and Winnipeg and, I enjoy being able to showcase that beauty with the rest of the world. 

Not only do I love exploring Winnipeg but I also enjoy exploring the countryside. I have found a love for shooting storms. They are powerful and beautiful at the same time. You need to check out my storm gallery under my work page to see the beauty for yourself!

In June 2015 I photographed a storm over Downtown Winnipeg. This was a bucket list shot and the image ended up going viral. I was lucky enough to do a radio interview on CBC Winnipeg, the image was also feature in an article on CBC Manitoba’s website. In July 2015 I was on CTV Morning Live to give tips on how to take better photos at the cottage. Let me tell you as someone that doesn’t like speaking in front of people doing a morning show was a bit nerve racking! 

My work has been published in PhotoLife Magazine, McNally Robinson’s Winnipeg by Winnipeg, Canadian Geographic 150 Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos, Travel Manitoba – Manitoba Photo Book # ExploreMB. My work has also been shared on varies Instagram accounts – The Exchange District Biz, Travel Manitoba and CBC Manitoba. 

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