A Foggy Frosty December Morning

I woke up Saturday morning to a photographers dream (while at least this photographers dream) of dense fog and hoar frost! There is nothing more beautiful then hoar frost clinging to the trees and adding in the fog makes it all the more beautiful! Although on a cloudy day with lots of fog the hoar frost doesn’t pop as much as if it were a clear sky but still beautiful!

I had wanted to head out to the abandoned town of Ste. Elizabeth to shoot the abandoned buildings but with the dense fog outside of the city I figured it would be safer to stay inside the city to shoot. I went to several locations throughout the morning. I started in the exchange district, and then I made a stop at the St. Boniface Basilica. After finishing up at the Basilica, I headed to the area around the mint and finally my last stop was the floodway in the south part of the city. The floodway is just outside the city of Winnipeg and it protects the city from major flooding by diverting the water around the city. Even driving out to the floodway was a bit of a challenge trying to merge into traffic when you can’t see anyone coming is a little nerve racking but well worth the shots that I got out there.

There is a trick to photographing fog. Your camera’s light meter has a hard time reading fog so, if you expose the image for what your camera says is the right exposure you won’t capture the scene as your eye sees it. You will have to overexpose your image by 1 stop or so (it’s best to play around with your settings to make sure that you don’t overexpose the image too much) either using the exposure compensation function on your camera or if you are shooting in manual you can manually overexpose the image.

The 1st stop was the Exchange District. The Exchange District has a lot of older brick buildings. This image was taken about 20 minutes before sunrise.

The next stop was near The Forks. This is a walkway that goes from Waterfront Drive to Provencher Blvd. This image was taken just before the sunrise.

This is a view from the St. Boniface side of the Red River towards Downtown. You can barely see the bridge!

The St. Boniface Basilica is one of my favorite places to shoot in Winnipeg. I have never shot it in the fog before and I find that the fog really adds to the image. I also had the added bonus of having a photographer walking in the image.

This is shoot from inside the Basilica ruins out towards the street.

This image was taken near the Mint off of Fermor Blvd.

One of the last stops was the floodway. The frost was even thicker outside of the city and it clung to the plants beautifully.

This is the overpass that goes over the floodway. There is a road that goes under the bridges and I was able to get a different perspective to really illustrate just how thick the fog was that morning.

This image is one of my favorites. It was taken near the Mint and because of the thick fog you can’t see the residential neighborhood that is in the background. The fog also helps to give this image a high key look.

This is The Royal Canadian Mint shrouded in fog. The Mint open in Winnipeg in 1976. The Mint in Winnipeg produces all the circulating coins for Canada as well as coins for over 70 different countries includes Cuba and Iceland.

This one was taken on the way home from shooting.




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