A Frosty Morning in Southern Manitoba

Living in the prairies can often mean long cold winters, except this year. This year has been different as it is the 3rd warmest winter on record in Manitoba.  The warmer temperatures combine with the high humidity, which create some great photo opportunities. The opportunities come in the way of a lot of fog and beautiful hoar frost that covers the trees. This week we were treated to four days of this weather and beauty. On the fourth day we were also treated to a clear blue sky which creates a great contrast to the frost white trees.

I headed out to Birds Hill Park just before the sunrise to capture some images of the frost. Birds Hill Park is about 10 minutes from the Perimeter in Winnipeg (the Perimeter is a highway that surrounds the city). It is a great place to photograph the frost as well as some wildlife. One place that I really enjoyed shooting at was the Kudlowich Homestead its an early 20th century farmhouse that is located in a wooded area.

These are a couple of my favorite shots from the morning. I will talk more about how to photograph snow in the the next post:)


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