My top ten favorite places to shoot in Southern Manitoba – Part 2

#6 St. Vital Park – While this park is smaller then Assiniboine Park, it still has some great location to do portraits and landscapes. There are many well treed areas with walking paths throughout. These pathways add a great element to portrait pictures. One of my favorite things about St.Vital Park are the red bridges. They add a great element to any portrait shoot and add a nice pop of color to any landscape shot, especially in the winter!

#7 Town of Dunnator Train Museum – This is located about 5 minutes from Matlock Beach. It was moved from it original location and restored. It sits right beside the train tracks, which are still in use today. Although the train doesn’t carry passengers, it carries whiskey! This makes a great place for portrait photography. There are old suite cases and wagon’s around the museum that make for great props.


#8 The Exchange District – This area in Downtown Winnipeg has some great turn of the 20th century building. If you love to photograph old buildings then this area is the place for you. The exchange district covers 30 blocks, but the best place to shoot is in the
area of Albert Street. This is also another great place to do portrait photography as the buildings create unique backdrops.


#9 The Forks – The forks is also located in downtown Winnipeg. It gets its name from were the Assiniboine and Red River meet. There are a lot of interesting places to shoot around the forks. There is the skate park, Johnston Terminal, the balcony at the top of the tower which is located in the the forks market building. If you are lucky enough the river walkway will be open (sadly most of the time it is flooded out because it is right along the river).

#10 Train Museum located at the Via Rail Station – This is a very interesting place to shoot. There are a ton of old trains and other interesting objects at the museum. It is located on the 2nd floor of the Via Rail Station, which is located in downtown Winnipeg. The lighting isn’t the greatest so a tripod is a must for this place.

Happy Shooting!

3 thoughts on “My top ten favorite places to shoot in Southern Manitoba – Part 2”

  1. Great list of shooting locations! Have shot at some but not all and you’ve given me some more to add to my “must shoot” list. 🙂


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