My top 10 places to shoot in Southern Manitoba – Part 1

#1 Matlock Beach, MB – I grew up going to the beach in Matlock. As I got more into photography I realize what a great place it was. The wooden piers add a unique element to the pictures as they jet out over the water. It’s a perfect place for sunrise photographs
#2 Cooks Creek Church – Cooks Creek Church is an amazing place to photograph. There are some many different elements of the church and grotto that one can shoot. The church was built in the 1930’s by the people of Cooks Creek. The entire church inside
and out was hand painted, which gives it a unique look. The church is located in the town of Cooks Creek. Unfortunately due to vandalism of the church and grotto there are only certain times that you can visit the church. The church is open May long weekend to September long weekend noon-6p. They are only opened on the weekends.
# 3 St. Boniface Basilica – This is probably one of the most photographed places in Winnipeg. The original basilica was built in 1908 but most of it was destroyed in a big fire in 1968 leaving the ruins. This is a beautiful place to photograph, there are numerous trees
and a cemetery surrounding the Basilica, which allows for some pretty picturesque photographs. It’s a great place to do wedding and portraits
#4 The Whitemouth River – My husband stumbled across this view of the Whitemouth River when he was out hunting. The river is located in the Sandilands about an hour and a half outside of Winnipeg. The Sandilands is area that is mostly muskeg, there are is no soil under the trees but instead there is sand, hence the name. This area is particularly beautiful in the fall time when the tamarack’s have turned yellow.
# 5 English Garden’s/Leo Mol Sculpture Garden’s – The gardens are located in Assiniboine Park. This is a particularly good place to photograph flowers, bugs, and birds.
This is also a awesome place for wedding and portrait photo’s. The stone wall that is outside of the garden is beautiful and has flower pots that change with the
spring, summer, and fall seasons.
Sometimes all you have to do is look out your window and a shot will appear! Happy shooting!

5 thoughts on “My top 10 places to shoot in Southern Manitoba – Part 1”

  1. —Great blog Diane – I do like the way you set this up and I find it very pleasing to view your images and the commentary :-))
    —Lovely tunes as well – Good Job


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